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Best 4k TV in India, Samsung RU7100 4k LED TV Reviews


Samsung RU7100 4k LED TV Reviews

Best 4k TV in India, Samsung RU7100 4k LED TV

The Samsung RU7100 is a good 4k LED TV with good overall picture quality. It can deliver darker blacks, thanks to a higher native contrast ratio, and is good for dim rooms. However, it lacks the local dimming facility to further improve the performance of the darkroom. It is not a wide color gamut and may not be very bright, especially in HDR.

Motion handling is mediocre, but the input lag is remarkably short, which makes the TV very sensitive; Something that will please gamers. Unfortunately, it does not support any of the advanced gaming features found on high-end Samsung models, and the image loses accuracy when viewed from the side.

Design Samsung RU7100 UHD TV

Best 4k TV in India, Samsung RU7100 4k LED TV

Samsung RU7100's design is just as excellent as last year's Samsung NU7100. The stand supports the TV well and allows only minimal wobble. However, it is almost as wide as the TV, so you need a large table to hold it. The back of the TV is made of the same textured plastic found on last year's Samsung TV. The cable management is coupled to the legs through the guide track on the back of the TV and with the help of some clips. The build quality is decent, and you should have no problem with it.

Picture Quality

RU7100's picture quality is decent. It has a high native contrast ratio and can deliver deeply uninformed blacks, but it lacks the local dimming feature to further improve dark room performance. It can be decently bright and is more suitable for average-light or dim rooms. It is not a wide color gamut and may not be bright enough to deliver a good HDR display. The Samsung UN55RU7100 has decent reflections and good gray uniformity that will delight most sports fans. Unfortunately, it has narrow viewing angles like most VA panel TVs, and the image quickly loses accuracy when viewed from the side.


The motion handling of the Samsung RU7100 has been mediocre. It has a fast response time, so there is only a very small blur mark behind fast-moving objects. The backlight uses the PWM to dim and the flicker frequency is 240Hz, but it drops to 120Hz in some modes, and this can annoy some people. This TV has a very little stutter and appears fluid in low frame rate content like motion films. It supports motion interpolation up to 60 Hz and has a black frame insertion feature to make the image crisp, but it does not work very well.


The Samsung RU7100 has excellent low input lag and supports the most common resolutions, including 1440p @ 60Hz which has become popular among gamers. It displays proper chroma 4:4:4 in all supported resolutions as long as it is in 'PC' mode. Unfortunately, there is no support for DTS or eARC.

Sound Quality

The sound on the Samsung RU7100 is decent, almost identical to the NU7100. It may be decently loud but not loud enough for large or noisy environments. It does not have deep bass and will not produce any rumble or rumble, but it will provide clear and sensible dialogue. For better sound, dedicated speakers or soundbars are recommended (see our recommendations for the best soundbar).

Smart Features

The Smart features of the RU7100 are decent. It runs the latest version of Samsung's Tizen OS, but some features are not available to budget TV models, such as voice control. The OS gives you access to a wide selection of apps to choose from and is very easy to navigate. The remote is very similar to last year's NU7100, with the addition of three quick access buttons for Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video.

Market Context Samsung RU7100 UHD TV

The Samsung RU7100 is a 2019 entry-level UHD TV Market Context. It is a replacement for the NU7100 in Samsung's lineup and is intended as a more budget model that lacks some of the more advanced features found on high-end UHDs such as the Samsung RU8000. This is compared to most other LED TVs such as the LG UK 7700 or the Vizio E Series 2018.

Difference between size and type

We tested the 55 "(UN55RU7100) version FA01. For the most part, we expect our review to be valid for other sizes of this model.

Walmart is selling the RU7200 variant, which appears to be almost identical to the RU7100. We don't know exactly how it performs, but we expect it to be similar to the RU7100.

If someone comes across different types of panels or if their Samsung RU7100 does not conform to our review, let us know and we will update the review.


This is a good TV for mixed-use. It is more suitable for darker rooms because it may not be too bright to remove glare. It has a low input lag which makes it very sensitive, but unfortunately, due to poor viewing angles, you have to sit upfront to enjoy the most accurate image.

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